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We are not just a crowdfunding platform but a group of expert financiers helping founders overcome fund raising challenges. Moreover, we have incorporated the latest algorithm & blockchain technology to help make your campaign a success.


Our mission is to provide an alternative platform for start-ups, SMEs, creatives, artistes and manufacturers based in the Caribbean, successfully raise capital at their own behest.

Our vision is to use a digital platform to stimulate economic growth and foster creativity within the Caribbean community. Ultimately, bringing innovative ideas to life.

Launched as a subsidiary of Gnie Group, our crowdfunding platform continues to grow from strength to strength. Now, we are determined to fund the Caribbean’s first Unicorn.

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Creating Capital Freedom

Crowdfunding campaigns on Gnie is where new and ground breaking ventures take flight, pre and post launch. With hundreds of new campaigns from all over the Caribbean in multiple categories coming online every month, the platform gives founders and disruptors the freedom to raise the capital they need to expand.


Gain the freedom to raise capital based on a tested & proven prototype from people who believe in you & support you.

Creative Independce

A platform that does not limit your creative independence but allows you the time to be creative & challenge your boundaries.


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