Biomagnetism: A Revolutionary Therapy Using Magnets to Balance Your Body’s pH

Biomagnetism is a video that introduces Biomagnetism, an interesting therapeutic approach where magnets are used to manage the body’s pH for better health. This therapy revolves around the principles of Biomagnetism and the benefits it has.

The idea behind Biomagnetism is that when our bodies’ pH gets out of balance it can lead to various diseases. By placing magnets on strategic points, Biomagnetism aims at restoring the natural pH level in the body. This is achieved by manipulating hydrogen protons and atoms which eventually affect water molecules; hydrogen hydroxide ions will move while water molecule ionization will be affected thus maintaining your internal ph.

Dr. Garcia Biomagnetism Isaac Goiz discovered Biomagnetism over twenty years ago as Dr. Garcia revealed during his presentation. In Spain and Mexico, medical colleges teach this treatment worldwide today. Intriguingly, there are applications of Biomagnetism Therapy that vary from one health condition to another. And he particularly pointed out those in Chilean hospitals and Ecuadorian hospitals for varied diseases.

In addition, the video also explains what goes on during a biomagnetic session. A normal session takes approximately ninety minutes while you may feel numbness or tingling or even coldness due to interaction between magnets and your body. Due to movement of molecular substances these feelings are temporary lasting for just some minutes but not more than 5min passes by before they disappear. You may also experience tiredness after such moments similar to that felt after strenuous exercise.

By and large, this video provides an interesting overview about biomagnetism. For anyone curious about this alternative therapy I would advise them to go through this resource or others available online. I further encourage you to seek professional advice whether conventional or complementary medicine before taking up any form of treatment as it may be risky.

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