Magnetic Healing Unveiled: A Deep Dive into Biomagnetism Therapy with Dr. Garcia

Dr. Garcia explains Biomagnetism Therapy

Biomagnetism therapy describes alternative healing process that aims at restoring balance and removing pain in the body by putting magnets on specific parts of the body. The therapy is thoroughly explained by Dr. Garcia who is an expert in biomagnetism.

What is Biomagnetism Therapy?

According to Dr. Garcia, biomagnetism therapy is based on a theory that human bodies have their own magnetic fields. If this field becomes unbalanced then various health complications may arise such as pain, inflammation, disease among others. Thus biomagnetic therapy restores normalcy of the magnetic field of the body using magnet pads placed on certain locations called acupoints.

How Does Biomagnetism online trainning. Therapy Work?

Therefore, he reveals brief details regarding how bio-magnets used in bio-magnetic therapies are believed to work with our natural magnetic field. It is thought that this leads to decreased inflammation, improved blood flow as well as enhanced recovery. Some of the conditions that can be treated using bio-magnets include;

Pain (chronic pains, headaches or backache)

Inflammation (arthritis and tendonitis)

Digestive complaints (IBS or Crohn’s disease)

Respiratory issues (asthma and allergies)

Skin ailments (eczema and psoriasis) among other conditions

What are the Benefits of Biomagnetism Therapy?

Some possible benefits of biomagnetic remediation highlighted by Dr. Garcia include:

Alleviation from pain

Reduction in inflammatory condition

Enhanced circulatory system

Drug-free wound healing

Reinforced immune system functioning

Relaxation response promotion

What to Expect During a Biomagnetism Therapy Session

Typically, each biomagnetic session takes about 30 minutes only. This will involve clinician placing different magnet pads over specific acupoints within your body for that stipulated time frame which you can feel mild tingling or heat there when they are positioned. Afterward, you might have minor reactions like tiredness or wooziness which are only temporal and last no more than few hours.

Is Biomagnetism Therapy Right for You?

Biomagnetism is a gentle form of therapy that is safe for people of all ages. But then again, since Biomagnetism Magnets as a form of treatment is concerned, it is always best to consult your doctor before starting anything new. Dr. Garcia will assess whether it is suitable for your particular health condition or not.


This promising holistic treatment called bio-magnetic therapy may offer solutions to a wide range of health problems.

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