Welcome to Gnie Venture Capital team. We specialise in providing growth capital to disruptive founders. Venture capital funds make small investments (<$25m), taking minority stakes in a relatively large portfolio. Venture capital funds generally have a longer holding period, then guide the company through exit at IPO or through an M&A transaction..


Our innovative funding model was created to accelerate the growth of sustainable start up ventures. Thus, we focus on upstarts which are disrupting their industry. Particularly, those who are determined and hungry to have a positive impact on tomorrow. The ventures we seek to fund operates in the following sectors:

  1. Green Energy & Sustainability.
  2. Agri-tech and hydroponics.
  3. Health Tech / Tele health.
  4. Commercial Property REITs.

Benefits of Services

If you got a pitch deck in one of the above sectors, then drop us a line. Some of the key benefits you will gain, in addition to having a team of experts to tap into for strategic planning and tech development. You will gain the advantage of seeing your project go from early stage start up to growth and expansion at quick speed. There is also an inhouse acceleration programme for those who may want to grow and learn at a slower stage. The benefit is two fold.

Scaling projects: