Tobago Forest Reserve

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  • The Tobago Forest Reserves has been voted best eco-rainforest for many years.
  • Protection of the forest inevitably leads to enhanced environment for T&T
  • Money raised goes towards protecting the natural wild life & safety from prays
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Dear Donors, we are seeking to raise US$3,000 to fund the maintainece, cleaning and enhancement of the Tobago Forest Reserves in December 2023.  Tobago is the smaller, relatively north easterly island of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, with a surface area of about 316 km2. The Main Ridge is literally the backbone of the island, Gutting lengthways across two thirds of Tobago’s surface. It encompasses 3958 hectares (9780 acres) of tropical rainforest specifically lower montane, lowland and xerophytic rainforest – and reaches a height of 604 metres. The majority of the forest reserve is lower montane, and is found at heights above 244 metres. This area receives the greatest amount of rainfall, the greatest exposure to wind and the lowest temperatures, making it an Evergreen Forest. The lowland rainforest is characterized by copious growth and is said to be the most prolific of all forest types, occurring here to a maximum of 366 metres. The xerophytic rainforest is found on the southern slopes of the Forest Reserve at heights above 244 metres, and is the driest compared to the other types.

The Main Ridge Forest Reserve is home to a number of flora and fauna; it is estimated that the rainforest provides habitats for twelve to sixteen species of mammals out of the nearly ninety mammal species in the Caribbean region, twenty-four non-poisonous snakes, sixteen lizards and two hundred and ten species of birds, the most outstanding being the bird species Campylopterus ensipennis – the White-tailed Sabrewing Hummingbird – that is both rare and endemic to Tobago. After the 1963 hurricane Flora, many of the flora and fauna populations dwindled or disappeared. The Sabrewing Hummingbird is one of the species that has been recovering since the incident. The bird was declared an Environmentally Sensitive Species by Trinidad and Tobago’s Environment Management Authority in 2005. The ridge is also home to the ocellated gecko, an animal that is not found anywhere else in the world.


  • Pledges upto US$10, Donors will receive a uniquely print T-shirt
  • Pledges btwn US$15-$20, Donors will receive printed multi-colour polo shirts
  • Plus, free picture frames of images of the Forest Reserve by our photographer
  • Free postage and shipping.


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