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A cost effective solar solution for charging electirc vehicles.

Bridge Town, Barbados

EV Charger

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Evose is a designer, installer and supplier of electric charging points for both domestic and commercial use devices for charging electric cars. Our aim is to role out these devices across the Caribbean. These outdoor Level 3 Chademo CCS Combo Fast Charger EV 22KW AC 60KW DC EV Charging Station are perfect to set up at any commercial location, such as, supermarket, cinema, hospital or public car park. It also helps generate extra income for the establishment: Park & Pay.

Following on from the 2022 UN Climate Change Conference (COP), mandate was created for countries to cut carbon emission and go green. The Caribbean people want to do their part. Thus, we have created these solar electric charging devices to help households and businesses transition smoothly to electric vehicles and help cut pollution and carbon emission.

Can be compatible with almost all vehicle charging requirements, low power fast charging boutique. The operating range of extreme temperature is large,the power consumption of standty is very small,the charging system is safe and reliable,and has strong environmental adaptability. Customized peak, flat and valley charging function can save charging cost. This type of charging pile is mostly used for fast charging in commercial square and office lamp commercial area.


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